Kelly Crosbie

Breeder & Trainer

Kelly has had a longstanding passion for Labradors and hunting dogs. In 2006 she bought her first Labrador, Nitro, at the age of 14.  She started training with a local trainer but when she met Ross McLaughlin of Culandubh Kennels she started more focused training for hunting dogs under his tutelage.  Then in 2009, at the age of sixteen, Kelly purchased Clover, a female black Labrador from Culandubh Kennels and really stepped up her training. During her high school years, she also worked part time at the local veterinary clinic and additionally helped at her family farm tending cattle and birthing calves. Very early hours, long days and hard work established Kelly’s work ethic and determination.
After graduating high school in 2012, Kelly decided to pursue her career ambition and started working and apprenticing full time at Culandubh Kennels.  She increased her skills in animal husbandry and also her knowledge and success at training hunting dogs. She achieved 2 passes at the Master Hunter level for Clover and also a Master Hunter title for Blue, her third dog.  Not only has she continued to hone her training abilities, titling numerous of her own dogs, but she has also trained and competed many clients’ dogs as well as training many hunting dogs for other clients. She has also qualified as a CKC Hunt Test judge and continues to advance her qualifications in that arena.
Kelly also understudied the Culandubh breeding program and has adopted all of the innovations and advanced programs they used to produce exceptional puppies.  In 2018 she raised her first two litters with great success and followed through with the one-of-a-kind early puppy hunting training program (developed by Laurel Cook) with all of her clients. She continues to expand and improve her own breeding program.
Kelly, at the age of 25, has established her breeding program that is recognized as one of the best in Canada, has established herself as a very competent dog trainer, and is currently working at establishing a permanent kennel facility at her home.  She will continue to work at Culandubh Kennels throughout 2019, but will move to her new facilities when they are finished (which is about the time that Ross and Laurel will be retiring at Culandubh Kennels)