Future and current litter listing


Is a Labrador right for you?

Ask your self 
Do you Hunt waterfowl or upland birds?
Do You want to do Hunt test or Field trials? 
Are you looking for a active companion to be by your side?
If you answer yes to 1 or more of the above questions then yes the Labrador is for you!!

Here is what the CKC has to say about the lab 
The Labrador descended from dogs taken to Newfoundland by explorers, fishermen and settlers and evolved by natural selection. The breed was known by several names, among them the black Water Dog, the Lesser Newfoundland and the St. John’s Dog. Excellent retrievers of fish and game, they often sailed with the fishermen and in the early 1800s, English sportsmen acquired a few of the hardy dogs off the fishing boats. The British further developed the breed by crossing it with other sporting dogs, notably the Flat-coated Retriever, the Curly-coated Retriever and the Tweed Water Spaniel. It wasn’t long before the Lab took over as Britain’s most popular gun dog. The breed was first recognized by The Kennel Club (England) in 1903. In addition to its prowess as a gun dog, the Lab has distinguished itself as a police and war dog as well as a guide dog for the blind.
His gentle ways, intelligence and adaptability have done much to account for the Lab’s popularity as a pet. His disposition is kindly and outgoing coupled with an eager-to-please nature and general non-aggressiveness.
Activity Level
Excelling as a field dog as well as in obedience, the Labrador enjoys outdoor exercise and is especially fond of swimming. He’ll happily retrieve until your arm gives out. He’s a great family pet, good with children, that does well in suburban or country settings.
The coat is short, straight, dense and feels hard to the touch.


How the puppies are raised

Your puppy from will have been put through
-Early scent introduction 
-Early Neurological stimulation 
-Early sound introduction 
Puppies staring at 3 weeks of age get a new obstacle to play and explore on or in or around to stimulate them everyday with a new experience
Your pup will be toilet trained in the puppy rearing area, which will allow simple and quick transition to house training 
Your puppy will start its obedience training at six weeks of age. By the time the puppy goes home at eight weeks of age, it has been taught to Here, Sit, Sit Right Side, Sit Left Side, Here on a whistle command, Sit on a whistle command, Sit for its food bowl, and Down.


Available & Future Litters

More of what you get?

When you purchase a puppy from KCountry Kennel, it will have been carefully selected by me to meet the requirements you have requested. It will have had its 1st puppy vaccinations and will have been de-wormed several times. Your puppy will be tattooed on the ear with its identification. 

Puppies come with a health warranty for major hereditary defects up until two years of age.

You will receive its CKC registration within six months of date of purchase. Your pup will also have been registered for six weeks of free pet insurance (up to $1000) with Pet  Plus Us  starting 24 hours from when you pick up your puppy.

Litter Information 

River is going to get bred in late 2019 and we are starting to take names for her puppy list. She will be bred to Diesel or Sonic. Pups will be light and dark yellows. Hunting,hunt test and field trial dogs expected. 

Hope's pups have all gone to their new homes stay tuned for her next litter in late 2019. She will be bred to a Coal again and we expect Blacks and Yellows. The pups will be good hunting dogs, hunt test dogs or field trial dogs.  

Bandit is going to get bred in late 2019 and we are taking reservations for her puppy list. She will be bred to Sonic or Oliver. Pups will be dark yellows or a fox red color. Hunting,hunt test dogs and active family dogs. 

Mayhem's pups have all gone to their new homes.  Stay tuned for her next litter in early 2020. She will be bred to a black we are taking reservations for her litter. We will expect Blacks and chocolates.  The pups will be good companions or hunting dogs. 

We told Kelly that we wanted a family pet and hunting companion and she picked the perfect puppy for us. Daisy is healthy, gentle, loving, very intelligent and eager to please. We followed the training program Kelly gave us which was easy to follow. Kelly is always there for guidance and advice. - Thanks Kelly! The Phillips Family